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2023-05-05 13:39:54


Political Science

Honors Course

Senior Reseach Project

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Degree Name

Bachelor of Arts

Date of Expected Graduation

Summer 2022


With each new headline that emerges, America becomes more and more politically polarized, and compromise between the two extremes seems more and more impossible. Adding to this struggle is the fading spirit for reaching this compromise. Unfortunately, however, with each headline that emerges, the need for respect and compromise also becomes ever more urgent. The foremost issues of our time -- immigration, health care, gun control, and social justice, to name a few -- will remain issues if there is no leeway from either side. This paper will serve as an attempt at two things. First, it will look at the current opinion among Americans on what common ground they find with those on the other end of the political spectrum. In doing so, this paper will seek to unearth lesser-acknowledged similarities among the different parties and highlight how those realizations can be used to promote greater levels of acceptance going forward. Secondly, this paper will attempt to find places in political ideologies where reaching a common ground is a possibility in the future. Through the analysis of existing surveys of the American public, as well as a closer look at the point from which specific political stances may stem, this paper will seek to provide a level of clarity surrounding the current status of American compromise, and what the future may hold.

Research Sponsor

Phillip Marcin

First Reader

Gabor Smith

Second Reader

Stacey Nofziger

Honors Faculty Advisor

Ron Gelleny

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