College of Engineering and Polymer Science

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2022-05-12 07:33:26


Civil Engineering

Honors Course

4300 497

Number of Credits


Degree Name

Bachelor of Science

Date of Expected Graduation

Spring 2022


Due to the current state of the world, families around the world have started to invest in their homes. This change in lifestyle has caused the average cost to build a new home to increase to nearly $300,000, with an additional $35,872 due to the pandemic-related uptick in material costs. Custom homes take an ample amount of planning, construction time, along with excessive amounts of materials. I am looking to put my spin on a recent trend that allows an efficient construction timeline, along with the reduction of materials and waste.

Shipping Containers. Though their history of utilization has solely been confined to protecting goods during transportation, a new trend has recently seen that shipping containers are an effective material in residential and commercial construction. My project proposal is creating an inexpensive, expeditious, and sustainable design that would allow for small, to medium size families to live comfortably. My project will outline a building layout, site preparation plan and design, then a thorough analysis of exterior and interior construction to achieve a net-zero building. Finally, my project will cover the cost analysis of the build, along with a proposed project schedule for the completion of the project.

Research Sponsor

Paul Rawlings

First Reader

David Roke

Second Reader

Nariman Mahabadi

Honors Faculty Advisor

Ping Yi

Brandon Gibson Honors Project Signature Paper.pdf (88 kB)
Honors Project Final Signature Paper

Design of Sustainable and Affordable Housing .docx (2465 kB)
Final Honors Research Paper - Design of Sustainable and Affordable Housing

Brandon Gibson Honors Project Signature Paper.pdf (88 kB)



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