College of Engineering and Polymer Science

Date of Last Revision

2022-05-11 08:48:23


Electrical Engineering

Honors Course

Senior Design

Number of Credits


Degree Name

Bachelor of Science

Date of Expected Graduation

Spring 2022


Any well-versed Magic: The Gathering (MTG) player or collector knows how difficult it can be to keep track of all cards in their collection. Some spend hours searching for that one specific card, and others are constantly scouring the internet for how much their collection costs. However, this issue does not only affect casual fans. Resale companies spend hours a day determining the costs of cards, and tournament judges painstakingly check players’ decks to ensure they are not cheating. To assist with these struggles, the design team proposed to create the MTG Card Virtualizer. This device scans MTG playing cards and virtualizes them into a smart database. Using this smart database, players, collectors, and even resale companies can easily search through their extensive collections and check the market value of their cards. Users can insert up to seventy-five MTG cards and quickly virtualize a full deck in under five minutes. The proposed design utilizes the Nvidia Jetson Nano and a custom-designed circuit board, paired with a SQL database and a user-friendly application to virtualize entire collections. Not only are all of the user’s cards in one location, but they can search for cards, determine the cost of their collection, and find out if their decks are tournament legal.

Research Sponsor

Gregory Lewis

First Reader

James Grover

Second Reader

Robert Veillette

Honors Faculty Advisor

Robert Veillette


Jaret Varn is a Co-Author on this project, but he is not an Honors student. He has been credited as an author since he has contributed to the project.

VincentGarbonickHonorResearchProjectProposal.pdf (714 kB)
Honors Signatures For Vincent Garbonick

JacenConlan - Honors Research Project Proposal Signed - 2022 January 20.pdf (725 kB)
Honors Signatures for Jacen Conlan



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