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Bachelor of Science

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Spring 2022


A Road Use Maintenance Agreement, also known as a RUMA, is an agreement made between a government entity and a business to put in place the set of rules that will guide the responsibilities of the business regarding the use of the entity's roads (Road use maintenance agreements RUMA, 2020). This specific type of road maintenance agreement is popularly used in the state of Ohio a the time. Most other states still operate on older ways of thinking, not capitalizing on the industry that in their area, therefore causing their road infrastructure and economies to suffer. A template agreement was created by the state of Ohio in early 2011 that could be fined- tuned by each government entity, county or township, to best meet its specific needs (Green, 2017). The businesses typically entering into these agreements deal in the energy industry such as oil and gas, pipeline work, wind energy, or mining.

Why do more states not utilize a RUMA? There is minimal effect to the taxpayers themselves, mostly being positive, it is a standard agreement that can be easily adjusted to meet specific needs and has seen to better communities and community relations with the companies working within them. RUMAs are “a true example of the public and private sector partnering to ensure vital local infrastructure helps spur economic development at no additional cost to taxpayers” (Road use maintenance agreements RUMA, 2020).

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Ping Yi

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Gary Schuller

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Ping Yi

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Ping Yi

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