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2023-05-05 21:59:22


Marketing Management

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Honors Project in Business Administration

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Bachelor of Business Administration

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Spring 2022


Goodwill Industries is a nonprofit organization. Not only do they specialize in charity work, but they also have a chain of stores that focus on thrift shopping. Additionally, Goodwill provides other services, such as recycling clothing, electronics, and other goods. Recently, Goodwill of Akron, Ohio received a grant of five million dollars, where the money for the grant would have to be utilized in five years. The main objective of this project was to find a way for Goodwill to use grant money efficiently, to generate revenue for a new transportation initiative.

Our team has recommended utilizing the most popular social media platforms a little more, along with improving the Goodwill app, and utilizing in-store marketing to increase awareness about green branding. Overall, Goodwill should focus on green branding when using their grant.

Research Sponsor

Dr. Hanlon

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Honors Faculty Advisor

Dr. Susan C. Hanlon



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