College of Engineering and Polymer Science

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2023-05-05 21:44:52


Aerospace Systems Engineering

Honors Course

Aerospace Honors Project 001

Number of Credits


Degree Name

Bachelor of Science

Date of Expected Graduation

Summer 2022


This project exemplifies Schlieren Imaging on a Supersonic Wind Tunnel. Schlieren Imaging allows one to visualize fluid flow by refracting light through a fluid. The Schlieren Imaging system denoted in this paper is used to visualize the shock waves of air onto a test section within a supersonic wind tunnel. This is done by directing a beam of light through a test section and then focusing the light onto a blade edge. This blade edge then breaks up the light beam so that the refractions, created by the pressure differences, are blocked by the knife edge which allows the pressure differences in the fluid to be visualized. The image provided by this system may be used for an instructional lab or for general experimentation. The main design components in this design project include the fixturing techniques for a set of parabolic mirrors and the correct placement of components to achieve a Schlieren Image.

Research Sponsor

Dr. Scott Sawyer

First Reader

Dr. Manigandan Kannan

Second Reader

Blake Bowser

Honors Faculty Advisor

Dr. Scott Sawyer

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