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2023-05-03 19:58:53



Honors Course

3750 498

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Degree Name

Bachelor of Arts

Date of Expected Graduation

Spring 2020


In my research, I will be conducting a literature review that looks into several aspects of the 'tilted' phenomenon. My research collection will include several psychological functions in conflict and how they relate to the titled definition. First, I will be looking into how individual conflict affects the team's performance. I will also be researching affect management in real-time and different strategies for managing emotions under high-stress conditions. The goals of this project are to bring forward data on how to help Esports teams effectively manage their emotions while in high-stress situations. This research will help to identify both individual strategies and team strategies to bring an individual back from dysfunction. This research is to help provide background data for affect management in the context of action teams specifically.

Research Sponsor

Amanda Thayer

First Reader

Corinne Plas

Second Reader

Owen Sartele

Honors Faculty Advisor

Charles Waehler

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