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2023-05-05 06:32:54


Computer Engineering

Honors Course


Number of Credits


Degree Name

Bachelor of Science

Date of Expected Graduation

Spring 2022


The Smart UV Disinfectant device shall sanitize objects which are 18”x14”x8” or smaller and less than 20 lbs. using UV-C light. This device should contain many safety measures to prevent human and animal exposure to the UV-C light and have no public touchpoints to operate the interface. In order to achieve the first objective, this device shall contain a "sanitizing chamber" which completely encloses the object to be sanitized to prevent outside exposure with detection of any lifeforms inside of the chamber; for the second objective, it will contain a wireless interface to an Android application which can be used to control the device.

Because this device is meant for public areas, its interface should allow many applications to one sanitizing module; however, only one application is expected to be controlling the module at any one time. It should complete a sanitizing cycle in a relatively short period of time, in which the entire object is exposed to UV-C light at an intensity high enough to sanitize.

Research Sponsor

Mr. Greg Lewis

First Reader

Dr. Jobeda Khanam

Second Reader

Dr. Jay Adams

Honors Faculty Advisor

Dr. Robert Veillette


Expected Microcontroller: PIC24FJ128GA010

Expected Human Detection Sensor: IR Grid-eye (part TBD)

Expected Object Detection Sensor: Ultrasonic (part TBD)

Expected chamber size: 2x2x2 foot^3.

Expected power: standard 120V AC outlet.

Expected interface: Android 11 devices, developed in Android Studio.

SDT12_Honors_Individual_Summaries.pdf (280 kB)
Individual Contribution Summaries

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Signature sheet



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