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2023-05-05 20:58:26



Honors Course


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Degree Name

Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Date of Expected Graduation

Spring 2022


In this project we completed a deep dive into how the Covid-19 pandemic reshaped our mental health and has affected our preparation for careers as registered nurses through a series of auto- ethnographic narrative journals using scholarly articles to support this idea. By utilizing personal narratives, we analyzed and reflected upon the cognitive and mental changes we experienced throughout this pandemic. We fulfilled this by comprising two personal narratives with inquiries pertaining to each shared narrative by utilizing the common themes of being nursing students and living through a pandemic. Within these personal narratives, we discussed how the pandemic influenced our feelings of preparedness to assume our upcoming roles as newly registered nurse and the mental health challenges that arose from it. Through being nursing students during this pandemic, we incorporated concepts we learned during nursing school and critically examined the way in which the pandemic affected mental health of populations. As a result of our literature review, we found that despite the impact that the pandemic has had on our mental health, school has still given us the proper tools necessary and the confidence that we need to move forward after graduation.

Research Sponsor

Lisa Hart

First Reader

Debra Horning

Second Reader

Carrie Wissmar

Honors Faculty Advisor

Christine Graor

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