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2023-05-04 07:40:39



Honors Course

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Degree Name

Bachelor of Arts

Date of Expected Graduation

Spring 2022


A Swipe to the Right: Exploring Tinder Use in College students set out to explore different ways in which college students used the dating application Tinder . More specifically, the study focused on what kind of relationships college-aged users were hoping to form on Tinder (i.e. committed, casual, or neither) and what factors determined whether these users swiped right versus left on other Tinder users. This study was conducted by way of five qualitative, semi-structured, one-on-one interviews between participant and researcher. While Tinder is commonly thought of as a "hookup app", the results of the interviews proved otherwise; college students may actually use Tinder to find, connect, and converse with people they either have perceived similarities to or people who possess desirable qualities.

Research Sponsor

Dr. Rhiannon Kallis

First Reader

Dr. Heather Walter

Second Reader

Dr. Kathleen Clark

Honors Faculty Advisor

Dr. Kathleen Clark



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