Date of Graduation

Spring 2015

Document Type

Honors Research Project

Research Sponsor

Bionix Corporation

First Reader

Mary C. Verstraete

Second Reader

Jim Keszenheimer


Prefilled syringes are currently available as treatment options for individuals with diabetes, allergies, and other medical conditions mandating delivery of drugs by injection. However current prefilled syringes are often bulky, conspicuous, require specific storage conditions, and may prematurely deploy. Because of these factors, patients may be less compliant to treatment regimens and feel that their lifestyles and independence are inhibited. The newly designed prefilled syringe should be portable, practical, and easy-to-use. This project will be completed for Bionix Corporation located in Toledo, OH. Our contacts at this company are Mr. Ed Markewitz, Product Development Program Manager, and Mr. Cody Harder, Product Development Engineer. Cody Harder has served as our main contact throughout the duration of the project. The purpose of this project is to develop a prefilled syringe for Bionix that competes with currently available syringes. Currently, Bionix has no such product, as they mainly specialize in radiation therapy equipment. Bionix also has a Medical Technologies division that makes disposable medical instruments, and Bionix is looking for a syringe product that it may sell and distribute to drug companies. Through the design of the new prefilled syringe, Stringent Syringes intends to improve the quality of existing products from a patient perspective my enhancing ease of use and making the syringe less conspicuous than existing products. Stringent Syringes has completed this project by designing a compact and user-friendly prefilled syringe using a folding plunger to reduce the overall size of the device. The newly designed syringe is portable, able to withstand considerable mechanical forces, and meets the criteria established in the literature by users of prefilled syringes.