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Exercise Science

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Bachelor of Science

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Spring 2022


Soccer (football) is the most played sport in the world. In turn, soccer also accounts for a considerable number of injuries at all levels. Injuries in soccer are not only detrimental to team performance, but they can also place financial burden on organizations, in addition to causing harm to players health down the line. As such, it is important that these injuries are limited and managed to avoid the various consequences that accompany serious injury. PURPOSE: This study attempted to quantify the external loads of NCAA DI soccer athletes over the course of a Fall season. These external load values may help give insight to coaches and researchers into the amount of physical stress collegiate men’s soccer players endure, and how that stress could affect injury risk. METHODS: Data was collected on The University of Akron Men’s Soccer Team during the 2019 NCAA season by the University of Akron’s strength and conditioning staff. This data included 16 games and approximately 11-15 GPS entries. Values exported included total duration of session, total distance (TD), total high-speed running distance (THSR; >20km/h), total sprint distance (TSD; >22.5 km/h), and total PlayerLoad (PL). Averages of all exported load values were compiled in addition to averages relative to player position. RESULTS: TD averages over the course of the season were equal to 10,873.39 m (defenders), 10,431.29 m (midfielders), and 9,988.60 m (forwards). Further, THSR values of 705.51 m (defenders), 699.42 m (Midfielders), and 702.48 m (forwards) were found. Other external load indicators across the season and across player positions also showed little variation. DISCUSSION: These findings provide some insight into the load endured by NCAA DI soccer athletes over the course of a season. Precise methods of data collection are unknown so the results should be taken with some skepticism. However, the data can still provide useful insights for future researchers who attempt to investigate external load metrics in soccer.

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Ronald Otterstetter

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Rachele Kappler

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Melissa Smith

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Melissa Smith

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