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2023-05-04 10:07:23



Honors Course

3750 498-003

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Degree Name

Bachelor of Arts

Date of Expected Graduation

Spring 2021


White privilege in organizational settings often gives White employees an undeserved edge over employees of color. The current study functioned to determine the precursors to self-awareness of one’s White privilege, specifically focusing on participants’ multicultural experiences as well as personal and parental education levels. Increased self-awareness of White privilege was also suspected to increase the frequency of engagement in organizational citizenship behaviors (OCBs). Finally, White privilege attitudes were hypothesized to mediate the relationship between multicultural experience and OCBs. White participants (N = 98) were asked to complete an online questionnaire designed to assess multicultural experience, self-perceptions of White privilege, and engagement in OCBs, as well as a demographics survey. Results indicated that multicultural exposure correlated positively with recognition of White privilege. However, multicultural interaction and education levels did not correlate with self-awareness of White privilege. Similarly, White privilege showed little evidence of mediation between multicultural experience and engagement in OCBs. Nevertheless, in line with previous research was the finding that White privilege predicted engagement in OCBs. Further research is needed to identify antecedents to self-awareness of White privilege in order to increase organizational justice and boost engagement in OCBs.

Research Sponsor

Dr. Paul Levy

First Reader

Dr. Jennifer Stanley

Second Reader

Ryan Thibodeau

Honors Faculty Advisor

Dr. Charles Waehler



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