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2023-05-04 08:07:04


Mechanical Engineering

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Bachelor of Science

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Spring 2021


This report details the design and calculation work done towards creating an autonomous guided vehicle (AGV) for use in the steel and metal related industries. Steel Equipment Specialists (SES) is a major manufacturer of coil transportation vehicles for these industries. SES believes the future of coil transportation within the mills includes AGVs in some circumstances. The team was tasked with exploring the design and cost of a base model for use in future designs, since SES has not yet modeled or manufactured an AGV. This design was successful under the stress from the application in calculations, and the cost of the design was minimized, which resulted in a design which exceeded expectations. Safety was the most important factor for the team during design, and the safety features included should minimize injury due to machine design and function. Due to these accomplishments, SES considers the design successful.

Research Sponsor

Mike Kish (Steel Equipment Specialists)

First Reader

Yalin Dong

Second Reader

Manigandan Kannan

Honors Faculty Advisor

Dave Peters

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