Date of Graduation

Spring 2015

Document Type

Honors Research Project


Biological & Agricultural Engineering

Research Sponsor

Cody Harder

First Reader

Dr. Verstraete

Second Reader

Dr. Keszenheimer


Many different designs have been created to immobilize patients for radiation therapy of the head and neck. Options exist which result in varying degrees of patient comfort, radiation attenuation, and limitation of movement. While one requirement can be met effectively, it is difficult to design a system which adequately meets all requirements for radiation therapy. Brainstorm Radiation Systems aims to address all of these variables and transform the patient and technician experience during radiation treatment. The requirements for our head and neck immobilization design were to immobilize the patient within 3mm of movement for at least 30 minutes, and must be repeatable over the course of several weeks. The device must limit attenuation of the radiation and be comfortable for the patient. Our team worked to address these issues, and together, went through storming, norming, and performing as a group. We learned to communicate our ideas and goals effectively and efficiently through conflict resolution and teamwork. And through visits with radiation oncologist experts, brainstorming, designing, 3D modeling, and construction of prototypes, we were able to design a system of components which accomplishes our goals. Our system, which includes a bite-block, holds the patient in place and is unaffected by weight or facial change of the patient. Our design is easily integrated with Bionix’s line of products and will create a better experience for both the patient and the technicians.