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2023-05-02 14:06:12


Mechanical Engineering

Date of Expected Graduation

Spring 2015


A lack of a pressure gradient throughout the catheter prevents urine flow from the bladder and through catheter system in a condition referred to as “air-lock.” The purpose of this project was to design a device that could be utilized by person with a catheter faced with the problem of air-lock to restore urine flow and normal functioning of the catheter system. After a prototype was created, the device was put through a series of tests to insure proper functioning, absence of leakage, and durability. The device created can be added in-line with the catheter system, inconspicuously under the user’s clothing, as a primer that the catheter user can push to create a pressure gradient in the system and initiate urine flow. Overall, the device functions as its intended design and has the potential to solve the problem of air-lock for many catheter users.

Research Sponsor

Rob Shardy

First Reader

Mary Vertraete

Second Reader

Jim Keszenheimer



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