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Bachelor of Arts

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Spring 2021


This study sought to expand upon the research on humor and personality by attempting to find connections between the two through a digital survey. The participants of this study were 51 individuals obtained through social media that were 74.5% women, 23.5% men, and 2% non-binary. The Humor Styles Questionnaire and Midlife Development Inventory were used to assess humor styles and personality factors. Then, a correlation matrix was computed to examine associations between the two sets of variables. Four significant relationships were found: self-enhancing and openness to experience, self-enhancing and extraversion, aggressive and agreeableness, and self-defeating and neuroticism. These results can be used to make inferences about each variable. For example, those who are extraverted are more likely to make self-enhancing jokes while those who tend to tease others are more likely to be agreeable. Although there were not many significant relationships, more seemed to be present when controlling for gender and ethnicity, such as the connections between affiliative and openness to experience and aggressive and neuroticism. This can be used to say that certain genders or ethnicity are more likely to have a relationship between humor styles and personality factors compared to others. This information can offer a different perspective, compared to previous research, as well as a method of succeeding in the workplace and improving relationships by making jokes or understanding an individual’s personality through the information they provide.

Research Sponsor

Dr. Jennifer Stanley

First Reader

Anthony Villalba

Second Reader

Dr. Charles Waehler

Honors Faculty Advisor

Dr. Charles Waehler

Proposal Document.pdf (161 kB)
The Based Proposal Document with information

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Document signed by Dr. Stanley

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Document signed by Mr. Anthony Villalba

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Document signed by Dr. Waehler

The Link Between Humor and Personality.docx (166 kB)
The full write-up of the link between humor and personality.

Final Signature Paper.doc (97 kB)
The final signatures for a majority of the individuals who helped.



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