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2023-05-04 09:26:27


Political Science

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Bachelor of Arts

Date of Expected Graduation

Spring 2021


In this research project, I examine the factors that impact the economic success of an individual within the United States. In particular, I investigate the impact of inherent privilege and the impact which socioeconomic upbringing has on the economic success of an individual within American society. This investigation into economic success and the impact of inherent privilege will examine both poor and affluent U.S. citizen populations to find common factors present within both groups. The research will then examine how these factors impact an individual’s overall economic success as a result of the barriers which are inherent based on an individual’s socioeconomic status. Through this research, I hope to determine if there are systemic racial barriers to economic success within American society and support these findings through historical and empirical data.

Research Sponsor

Dr. Ronald Gelleny

First Reader

Dr. Phillip Marcin

Second Reader

Dr. Nancy Marion

Honors Faculty Advisor

Amy Wolfe

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