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2023-05-04 08:06:05


Adolescent to Young Adult

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Bachelor of Arts in Education

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Spring 2021


Social studies education is taught throughout the United States, but due to educators and state content standards, it can look different in each school district. There are limitations and advantages to social studies education in the United States. This project analyzes social studies education within the United States through both state curriculum and state mandated standards. Social studies education can create educated and active students through the use of the College, Career, and Civic Life (C3) Framework, that encourages students to participate in their communities and in society as a whole. The Black Lives Matter (BLM) movements have been increasingly prevalent in the United States and has been perceived by some individuals as controversial. It can be an unbiased conversation that incorporates social studies content and current events. Through research, observations, and interviews, this paper explains the importance of social studies education and why BLM should be incorporated into the classroom.

Research Sponsor

Dr. Brad Maguth

First Reader

Dr. Sarah Cooey

Second Reader

Rose Marie Eichler

Honors Faculty Advisor

Dr. Brad Maguth

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Education Commons



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