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2023-05-03 21:02:52


Art Education

Honors Course

Honors in Art 7100:499

Number of Credits


Degree Name

Bachelor of Arts in Education

Date of Expected Graduation

Spring 2021


Identity is an important construct in adolescent development. Adolescence can be a time for students to find the best versions of themselves or to get stuck and confused on who they truly are. This honors project paper explores how art education can be a positive influence in the development of adolescents and their journey to finding their identities. It discusses the psychology behind adolescent development; how identities form, the chances for identity confusion or negative identity formation, and the physical stressors present in an individual that age that may also affect how they develop mentally and emotionally. It also explores how art can help students and what art teachers should and should not do in order to best benefit adolescent identity development.

Research Sponsor

Elisa Gargarella

First Reader

Sarah Cooey

Second Reader

Kathryn Orwin

Honors Faculty Advisor

Markus Vogl

Included in

Art Education Commons



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