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Music Education - Instrumental Band

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Music Education

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Bachelor of Music

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Fall 2019


In the instrumental band world, the horn, euphonium, and tuba are considered “switch-over” instruments. They are put in this category because students usually switch to these instruments from their starting instrument. Though they may not be offered to students as a starting instrument, their tones create a balanced and mature band sound. However, it is difficult to properly teach these instruments due to logistical complications; the music educator is responsible for simultaneously teaching the switch-over students a new instrument, while continuing the education of students who did not switch over.

Sound on the horn, euphonium, and tuba is produced by moving air between the lips to cause them to vibrate. The way the mouth is shaped to direct this air column is called an embouchure. Due to a lack of time, music educators must use efficient and effective approaches when teaching embouchures. A comparison of written to practiced strategies for teaching a beginning embouchure tests the effectiveness and efficiency of the approach. The purpose of this project is to compile a variety of successful approaches to teaching embouchure by comparing methods illustrated in literature to approaches that are practiced by professionals and considered successful.

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Dr. Russell

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Dr. Blaha

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(Approved prior to guideline change)

Honors Faculty Advisor

Mr. Minocchi


This proposal was previously submitted and approved by the Williams Honors College.



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