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2023-05-03 18:53:47


Music - Voice Performance

Honors Course

7500 498

Number of Credits


Degree Name

Bachelor of Music

Date of Expected Graduation

Summer 2020


For my research project, I will be creating a concert of 18 songs in 18 different languages. The questions I will attempt to answer through my research are "What makes art and folk songs so important to their respective cultures?", "How are they similar to each other?", "How are they different?" "What is is about this kind of music that is enjoyed by many, no matter the origin of the person or piece?" The motivation for this project is to shine light on some lesser-known folk pieces, build upon my two passions (Music and Languages), and to illustrate the power of music, a universal language that we all understand, and in fact rather enjoy, even if it comes from a foreign land in a foreign tongue. Upon the successful completion of this project, I will have a full concert set that I can perform for any venue, particularly in schools, where I can talk to young musicians and broaden their horizons on world music.

Research Sponsor

Dr. Laurie Lashbrook

First Reader

Dr. Brooks Toliver

Second Reader

Peter Wright

Honors Faculty Advisor

Dr. Kevin Lewis


This has my final project

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