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2023-05-04 00:14:52


Finance - Corporate Financial Management

Honors Course


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Bachelor of Business Administration

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Spring 2020


While many studies of financial inclusion have been undertaken, very few discuss the inclusion of women. Financial inclusion plays a large role in unlocking resources for the disadvantaged, resulting in higher economic growth and development. The economic opportunity allows individuals and businesses to have a greater contribution to society as a whole, enhancing all aspects of the economy. This paper furthers the conversation of women’s access to financial institution accounts across cultures and what underlying factors play a key role. The results indicate that the female demographic has fewer financial institution accounts in comparison to men when: (i) a country’s governance is lower, (ii) national wealth is lower, (iii) their country does not practice common law, (iv) and cultural values such as long-term orientation and masculinity are considered.

Research Sponsor

John Goodell

First Reader

Bhanu Balasubramnian

Second Reader

Walker Todd

Honors Faculty Advisor

Carrie Tuesday



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