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2020-05-07 13:10:24


Electrical Engineering - Cooperative Education

Honors Course


Number of Credits


Degree Name

Bachelor of Science

Date of Expected Graduation

Spring 2020


In this era, technology is woven into almost every facet of our leisure activities. Although technology has innovated hobbies ranging from chess to soccer, the art of shooting has been neglected. Unnecessary insufficiency such as bullet ricochets off of mechanical steel targets, ineffective progress tracking, and general inaccessibility to outdoor training facilities are all improvable areas of this sport. The Dynamic Automated Reactive Target (D.A.R.T) System aims to fill some of these gaps and help modernize recreational marksmanship. Modeling the system after a dueling tree will optimize the use of the system and allow for different training models to challenge the marksman. The system will utilize accelerometers to collect accurate data regarding target tracking from the user during training, and custom motor controllers allow for optimized movement response times of each target. To ensure safety and increase efficiency, Bluetooth communication will grant the marksman control of the system from anywhere within the range with the use of any portable device. With the algorithms developed, multiple different training simulations can be practiced. In all, the D.A.R.T. System will revolutionize the safety and convenience of shooting sports.

Research Sponsor

Gregory Lewis

First Reader

Dr. Robert Veillette

Second Reader

Dr. Jay Adams

Honors Faculty Advisor

Dr. Robert Veillette

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Cover Page for Honors Student on the DART system project

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