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Engineering - Cooperative Education

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Bachelor of Science

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Spring 2020


The game of pool is an extremely popular activity, with approximately 36 million participants yearly. As with any game of pool, the most basic skill the player must possess is the ability to accurately aim and hit the cue ball. It would be helpful to the player if they had a system which would assist with aiming by predicting the trajectories of a shot before the shot is actually made. These trajectory predictions can serve as a guide to the player and allow them to adjust their cue position before each shot. This lets the player explore many different options of a shot and decide which is the best course of action. This system would allow users to play any game of pool on their own, but help guide their decisions on whether a shot is beneficial to the progress of the game. The objective of this project is to design a software using Augmented Reality (AR) technology which will assist a player in a game of pool, no matter the player’s level of skill at the game. The software should be able to calculate possible ball trajectories prior to each shot made based on (1) the current table layout before the shot, (2) the current cue placement before the shot, and (3) the predicted force applied by the player. The possible ball trajectories and force applied by the player will then be displayed on the table within the view of a Microsoft Hololens.

Research Sponsor


First Reader

Gregory Lewis - Senior Design Course Adviser

Second Reader

Osama Alkhateeb - Faculty Adviser

Honors Faculty Advisor



This proposal has been submitted as a Senior Design Project Final Report for the Spring 2020 Semester.

Additional authors contributing to Senior Design Project but not enrolled in WHC:

Tyler Brady

Jesse Schooling

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