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3750 498

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Bachelor of Arts

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Spring 2020


There are many factors that affect student success, often measured with academic performance. Research has shown that students attribute stress as a major factor that affects their academic performance (Frazier et al., 2018). This suggests that the ability to cope with stress can improve academic performance. Studies have shown that higher emotional intelligence is linked to higher ability to cope with stress (Wang, Xie, and Cui, 2016). In this meta-analysis, I looked into the relationship across multiple studies between emotional intelligence, grade point average, and other non-cognitive predictors. For the first meta-analysis, seven records relating emotional intelligence to academic performance were included and analyzed using the random effects model. Overall, a small positive relationship was found across these studies (r = .16), suggesting that students with higher emotional intelligence were higher on academic performance. In the second meta-analysis, six records relating personality to GPA were analyzed using the random effects model. Overall, the trait showing the greatest relationship with GPA was conscientiousness, with a small positive overall effect, r = .19. Ultimately, by analyzing the existing literature on these two relationships, I discovered several small positive relationships between grade point average and non-cognitive factors. Further studies should look into the interaction effects of non-cognitive predictors on academic performance.

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Dr. Jennifer Stanley

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Jennifer Turner

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Marisa Norton

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Dr. Charles A. Waehler

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