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2021-09-13 12:46:57


Speech-Language Pathology & Audiology

Honors Course

Senior project:Sp. Path & Audiology 002

Number of Credits


Degree Name

Bachelor of Arts

Date of Expected Graduation

Spring 2020


In my honors project I will study the feasibility of using spectrographic analysis to measure the Lombard effect. The Lombard effect is a well-known phenomenon in which talkers reflexively increase the intensity of their voices in the presence of background noise. We hypothesize that other measurable features of speech will also change with vocal intensity consistent with what is shown in literature. However, the current authors will discuss findings in terms of its potential value as a test of pseudohypoacusis, also known as nonorganic or functional hearing loss. The author and a licensed audiologist will examine the /i/ and /u/ phonemes in quiet and in background noise at a predetermined intensity. Within these recorded samples, a variety of values will be measured. These values include intensity, fundamental frequency, and formants one (F1) two (F2) and three (F3). The changes in these values between the two sets of samples will be recorded and discussed for their significance in regard to the Lombard effect.

Research Sponsor

Dr. James Steiger

First Reader

Dr. Erin L. Miller

Second Reader

Dr. Kathern L. Sigal Papp

Honors Faculty Advisor

Nancy D. Harris



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