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2023-05-03 14:41:59


Political Science

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Bachelor of Science

Date of Expected Graduation

Fall 2019


Comprehensive immigration policy has been and continues to be a challenge for American policy makers. Although this can be said for many other problems, a holistic approach to immigration policy must address several social, economic, and political ramifications. For instance, in times of economic downturn, policy makers may reassess the economic impacts of increased foreign labor flows as Americans argue they are increasing competition for scarce jobs. Immigration can also become an issue of national security, namely after the 9/11 attacks which heightened perceived fears of immigrants and prompted tighter border protection. In addition, public opinion on immigration is also complex in nature as the issue can be framed in several different ways. Citizens may be asked of their beliefs on immigration’s impact on jobs and wages, national security, or perhaps their influence on American culture. My objective is to examine a number of variables that likely influence the public’s anti-immigrant attitudes. By analyzing the results of a 2018 polling data set from Pew Research Center, the variables I examine include nativism, partisanship, socioeconomic status (education and income), locale, age, and sex.

Research Sponsor

Dr. Ron Gelleny

First Reader

Dr. Bill Lyons

Second Reader

Dr. Matthew Wyszynski

Honors Faculty Advisor

Dr. Ron Gelleny

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