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2023-05-03 18:19:24


Adolescent to Young Adult - Integrated Mathematics

Honors Course

Honors Res Proj: Secondary Edu 004

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Bachelor of Arts in Education

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Fall 2020


For many collegiate level mathematics courses at universities across the country, students are not allowed to use calculators. This is often a huge adjustment for students who have spent their entire high school career using calculators. Whether it is graphing or simple arithmetic, students relied on calculators in high school, but for college, the tool of a calculator may not be available for them. This leads to a multitude of questions: Should calculators be used in high school? Do calculators help students learn or are they simply a tool to get answers? Are calculators beneficial in some courses, but not others? These are the questions that will be explored in this paper. From research, interviews, and surveys, this paper will allow current and future teachers to reflect on their opinion of the use of calculators in the classroom at a high school level.

Research Sponsor

Lynne Pachnowski

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Sarah Cooey

Second Reader

Linda Saliga

Honors Faculty Advisor

Lynne Pachnowski

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