The Proceedings from the Document Academy publishes 1–2 issues a year as a record of the activities of the Document Academy, including peer-reviewed conference proceedings and special issues.

Current Issue: Volume 5, Issue 2 (2018) Proceedings from the 2018 Annual Meeting of the Document Academy



Conference Proceedings


Image and Range-Based 3D Acquisition and Modeling of Popular Musical Instruments
Giacomo Patrucco, Filiberto Chiabrando, Piercarlo Dondi, and Marco Malagodi


A Research Program for Studying LAMs and Community in the Digital Age
Andreas Vårheim, Roswitha Skare, Noah Lenstra, Kiersten F. Latham, and Geir Grenersen

Issue Editors

Tim Gorichanaz
Kiersten F. Latham

Review Board

Shelley Blundell
Angela Condello, DOCAM'18 Chair
Geir Grenersen
Jodi Kearns
Rob Montoya
Bhuva Narayan
Sabine Roux


The 2018 Annual Meeting of the Document Academy was held on October 4–6, 2018, at University of Turin, Italy.

The Theme at this year’s meeting was The Documedia Revolution.