Friday April 10; 3:00 - 3:50pm

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Black Males and Counseling: Dispelling Myths

Kia-Rai M. Prewitt M.A., The University Of Akron
Amber A. Hewitt Ph.D., The University Of Akron

Bridgestoone Firestone

Define Your Strategy for Success

Kalen R. Howell Sr, Kalen R Howell Sr

Omnova Solutions

Recruiting and Graduating African American Students: The Influence of Positive Social Relationships

Dwight Lewis, Purdue University
Kevin L. Brooks, The Ohio State University


The "X" Factor: The Role of Women in Minority Male Academic Success

Linda Lanier Mrs., Cuyahoga Community College District
Lisa Belcher-Nelson Mrs., Cuyahoga Community College District

BF Goodrich

The Missing Link: Increasing institutional understanding, retention rates, and academic outcomes of African American male students by enhanced non-cognitive pre-assessing

Lee Hampton, Jackson Community College

Harvey S. Firestone

Thug Life: A Black Man's Pride

Nathan N. Howell, M.A., The Chicago School of Professional Psychology

Karl S. Hay