Biology Faculty Research

New Records of Vaucheria Species (Xanthophyceae) with Associated Proales Werneckii (Rotifera) from North America

Donald Ott, The University of Akron
Robert L. Wallace
Morgan L. Vis
Robert G. Verb


The presence of galls on species of Vaucheria was investigated both seasonally and in a number of locations in North America. These galls are induced by the rotifer, Proales werneckii. In an Ohio stream, Vaucheria bursata and V. geminata were found to have galls throughout their growing season; September to January. Galls were most abundant in October and ranged in size from 90–260 μm in width and 140–790 μm in length. New records of Vaucheria with galls from locations in Alabama, California, Georgia, Louisiana, North Carolina, Ohio and Tennessee are reported. Three of the five taxa collected were not previously known to contain galls. In addition, worldwide literature on the distribution of these associated taxa was reviewed.