FOR EVERY THREE MARRIAGES solemnized in the United States each year, one divorce is granted. In some states the statistics approach one for every two. Yet, it is not these almost overwhelming statistics which are the most pernicious aspects of the broken American marriage, but rather the tragic aftermath revolving about custody-visitation when children are involved. Therein lies an opprobrious indictment of the American juridical-legal-legislative system.' For with the official rescission of the nuptial contract begin the devious, sometimes vengeful and often heart-rending machinations and maneuvers of "noncustodian v. custodian" hearing and rehearing,' on the courtroom stages of 52 jurisdictions-all masquerading in the guise of doing what is in the best interest of the child. If he or she is dissatisfied, the noncustodial parent need only hire a glib, knowledgeable and conscientious attorney, with access to a good legal library, willing to find some favorable "law" in another state. His next requirement is to establish some "minimum contacts" with that state, transport the child there on its first "visitation" with him, and the battle is on, lasting in many cases for the duration of the child's non-age, nurtured by jurists, social workers, and child psychiatrists and psychologists

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