Linda B. Klein


This comment critiques several aspects of legal education that collectively devolve into what I perceive generally to be a self-perpetuating, institutional dysfunction: a traditional pedagogy, a stifling epistemology,'' and a myopic standardization.

It is my contention that, overall, legal education as presently constituted tends greatly to impede, rather than encourage, students' spiritual and emotional growth as individuals. In both its form and content, this comment confronts directly the conventionalism of law school. Instead of writing one more Law Review article that lacks originality, is boring, humorless, and too long, and has too many footnotes, I am seeking to demonstrate herein a creative expression that I believe can and should be fundamental to the law school experience. Some readers will dismiss me as merely chasing rainbows and/or fighting windmills. But if in fact I am, then I prefer to go down swinging.