Craig Teller


In addition to the personal and business use of a unit, the rules under Internal Revenue Code Section 280A ("280A") also cover situations such as time-sharing arrangements, rental pools, shared equity financing deals and office-at-home deductions. Though 280A applies to individuals, partnerships, trusts, estates, and S Corporations, this comment assumes the "taxpayer" to be an individual taxpayer. This author will first analyze 280A to provide general guidance in the rental of a unit. After the overall analysis, the author will focus on the following rental situations:

  1. Analysis of Personal Use.
  2. Analysis of Rental Use.
  3. Further Analysis of Allocating Rental & Personal Expenses.
  4. Rental Pools and Time Sharing Arrangements.
  5. Tax Planning Ideas.
  6. The Impact of the Tax Reform Bill.
Finally, the author will offer a brief conclusion on 280A and its application to the vacation home and rental market.