Article Title

Hohfeld's Cube


Mark Andrews


The thesis presented here is that the eight jural relations may be effectively graphed as the eight corners of a cube, and this image unifies all eight into a single logical structure. This structure symbolizes real legal relationships and assists an understanding of the way legal relations work. This article, then, is about Hohfeld's Cube.

The validity of the cube will be shown in three stages. First, the eight jural relations will be arranged on the cube in a manner which seems to best characterize the way Hohfeld intended his concepts to be used and which also seems to construct two parallel squares of opposition on the front and back of the cube. Second, the eight relations will be translated into symbolic logic. Finally, it will be shown that the eight jural relations, as they appear on the cube, do in fact have the same properties as a square of opposition. The article will close with some words on the practical use of the cube, particularly in the use of computers in legal research.