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The Gallbladder of Uranoscopus Scaber L. (Teleost Perciform Fish) is Lined by Specialized Cholecystocytes

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Fall 2011


The gallbladder of Uranoscopus exhibits a mucosal surface layer of simple columnar epithelium composed of specialized cholecystocytes. The apices show storage and mucous secretions, typical microvilli, and very apical projections extending deep into the luminal contents. Many organelles and heterogeneous vesicles of diverse size fill the cytoplasm, including neutral mucins, mitochondria, peroxisomes, lysosomal bodies, and lipid-rich deposits with cholesterol inclusions. The fibromuscular layer shows little blood supply and contains scattered lymph-like walls with minute cholesterol inclusions. The remaining muscular, subserosal, and serosal or adventitial layers of this species do not show any histologic differences to those of other vertebrates. It was unexpected to find cholesterol inclusions in the fatty deposits of the cholecystocytes, similar to those noted in human cholesterolosis and in some forms of hypercholesterolemia, in this teleostean. In addition, aggregations of mitochondria and anomalous mitochondrial morphologies were found that resemble oncocytoma-like changes.

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The Anatomical Record





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