Polymer Science Faculty Research

Graphene nanoribbon composites and methods of making the same

Yu Zhu, The University of Akron


In some embodiments, the present invention provides graphene nanoribbon composites that include a polymer matrix and graphene nanoribbons that are dispersed in the polymer matrix. In more specific embodiments, the polymer matrix of the composite is an epoxy matrix, and the graphene nanoribbons of the composite include functionalized graphene nanoribbons. In further embodiments, the composites of the present invention further comprise metals, such as tin, copper, gold, silver, aluminum and combinations thereof. Additional embodiments of the present invention pertain to methods of making the graphene nanoribbon composites of the present invention. In some embodiments, such methods include mixing graphene nanoribbons with polymer precursors to form a mixture, and then curing the mixture to form the composite.