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Cell Permeable Nanoconjugates of Shell-Crosslinked Knedel (SCK) and Peptide Nucleic Acids (PNAs) with Uniquely Expressed or Over-Expressed mRNA Targeting Sequences for Early Diagnosis and Therapy of Cancer

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A functional biologically active particle conjugate useful for diagnosis and treating cancer as a bioportal comprises a nanoscale particle having associated therewith an intracellular targeting ligand comprising a PNA, or another nuclease resistant oligonucleotide analog such as MOE-mRNA (2′-methoxyethyl mRNA) or LNA (locked nucleic acid), having a sequence that binds selectively to an uniquely expressed or overexpressed mRNA specific to the cancer or disease state in a living mammal. In one aspect the uniquely overexpressed target specific to the cancer or disease state is the unr mRNA which can be targeted by the antisense sequence PNA50.