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Single phase blends of Polycarbonate and Polmethyl methacrylate

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Clear, transparent, single phase blends of polycarbonate and a polyalkyl methacrylate in which the alkyl radical contains from 1 to about 10 carbon atoms, and in which the polycarbonate and the polyalkyl methacrylate are miscible in all proportions are obtained. Polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) is the preferred polyalkyl methacrylate. These blends may be prepared by dissolving the two polymers in a mutual solvent having a boiling point of at least about 30° C. and evaporating the solvent at a temperature of from about 30° C. to the boiling point of the solvent. The preferred evaporation temperatures are from about 45° C. to the boiling point of the solvent. This is in contrast to presently known PC/PMMA blends, which are miscible only when the content is nearly all PC or nearly all PMMA. Preferred blends according to this invention contain from 10 to 80 percent by weight of PC and conversely 90 to 20 percent by weight of PMMA. The single phase blends are moldable and transparent.