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Thermomechanical degradation of SBR during ultrasonic treatment under the static conditions

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Fall 2004


The paper presents the results of experimental and theoretical studies of the ultrasonic treatment of ground vulcanized unfilled styrene-butadiene rubber (SBR) in a static device (no flow). Degradation of the rubber network took place during the treatment. Crosslink density and gel fraction were measured in the samples ultrasonically treated at various pressures, ultrasonic amplitudes and exposure times. Consumption of the ultrasonic energy was also monitored. The structural characteristics of SBR ultrasonically treated under static conditions have been found to be significantly different from those reported previously for the continuous process. Theoretical calculations have demonstrated that the observed differences could be attributed to a partial depolymerization of broken rubber chains caused by a significant temperature rise in the course of ultrasonic treatment under static conditions. It has also been shown that the non-linearity of compressibility of a thin ground rubber layer has to be taken into account in the calculations of ultrasonic power consumption.



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