Polymer Engineering Faculty Research

Conformation and dynamics of a self-avoiding sheet: Bond-fluctuation computer simulation

Hendrik Heinz, The University of Akron


The conformation and dynamics of a self-avoiding sheet are analyzed by the bond-fluctuating Monte Carlo method. The mean-square displacement of the center of mass of the sheet and that of its center node (Rmath image) show asymptotic diffusive behavior. The segmental dynamics in short and long time regimes can be deduced from the motion of the center node described by the power law equation image with μ ≃ 0.13 and ν ≃ ½, where C1 and C2 are fitting constants and t is the time. The radius of gyration, Rg, scales with the linear size, Ls, of the sheet as Rg ≃ Nγ with γ ≃ ½ and N = Lmath image, and this is consistent with the conformational analysis of open tethered membranes with excluded-volume constraints.