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Compositional Effect On Phase Behavior And Uniaxial Deformation Properties For Polyethylene Naphthalate/Polycarbonate Cast Films

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The influence of Polycarbonate on the deformation behavior of PEN at temperatures between the glass transition and cold crystallization was investigated at PEN/PC compositions containing 5-30% Polycarbonate. Deformation studies revealed that the addition of as little as 5% Polycarbonate eliminates the neck formation that occurs in stretching of 100% PEN films at intermediate stretch ratios. This neck formation is responsible for narrowing the processing window of 100% PEN to high stretch ratios where the films become uniform after all the necks are eliminated. This neck formation was attributed to the cooperative reorientation of the naphthalene planes parallel to the film surface that occurs at highly localized regions upon stretching1.

In this paper, the effect of PC concentration, processing temperature, deformation mode, and ratios on the dynamics of film formation and the structure and properties.

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