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Self-Reinforced composites of two thermotropic liquid crystalline polymers

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Fall 2004


Blends of two thermotropic liquid crystalline polymers (LCP) based on 6-oxy-2-naphthoyl and p-oxybenzoyl moieties and p-oxybenzoyl, terephthaloyl and hydroquinone moieties have been studied. The blends were prepared by melt mixing using a twin screw extruder. Thermal, rheological, mechanical, and morphological studies were carried out. Based on the dynamic mechanical thermal analysis and the morphological observations, the blends are found to be immiscible. The viscosity ratios of pure LCP melts exceed values of 10 over a wide range of shear rates, with the viscosity of the blends lying between those of the pure components. The prepared blends are shown to be self-reinforced composites in which one LCP enhances the molecular orientation of the other. Studies of the injection molded bars by scanning electron microscopy indicate a complicated hierarchical morphology with microfibrils of submicron level in diameter, bundled, and intertwined into fibrils of a substantially larger diameter. Due to self reinforcement, impact and tensile properties of the blends show significant synergism when compared to those of the pure LCP components. The properties obtained are remarkably higher than those known for any high performance engineering thermoplastics.



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