Polymer Engineering Faculty Research

Conductive Elastomeric Foams Prepared by In Situ Vapor Phase Polymerization of Pyrrol and Copolymerization of Pyrrole and N-Methylpyrrole

Yueping Fu
Robert Weiss, The University of Akron
Poh Poh Gan
Michael D. Bessette


Electrically conductive elastomer foams were prepared by in situ vapor phase copolymerization of pyrrole and N-methylpyrrole within preformed polyurethane foams. The conductive polymer is formed within the dense polymer phase of the foam, and the conductivity of the composite foam ranged from 10−1 to 10−7 S/cm. The conductvity depended on the density of the foam, the amount of conducting polymer incorporated, and the copolymer composition. Replacing with N-methylpyrrole in the copolymer lowered the conductivity.