Polymer Engineering Faculty Research

The Synthesis of a Mesogenic Poly(azine-ether) by Polyetherification Via Cesium Diphenoxides and alpha, omega-Dibromoalkanes

Robert Weiss, The University of Akron


The synthesis of a poly(azine–ether) via Williamson etherification using the cesium salt of 4–hydroxyacetophenone azine and 1,10–dibromodecane was carried out in N-methyl–2–pyrrolidone. The heterogeneous reaction proceeded readily at temperatures from ambient to 150°C. Polymers of varying molecular weight with essentially alkyl bromide end groups were produced either by changing the polymerization temperature or by using an excess of the organic substrate. The thermal stability of the polymers was molecular weight dependent and those with the highest DPn exhibited monotropic nematic mesomorphism.