Polymer Engineering Faculty Research

Studies on a Diphenylether Modified Poly(phenyl-1,4-phenylene terephthalate) Liquid Crystalline Polymer and its Blends with Polycarbonate and Polysulfone

Robert Weiss, The University of Akron


Blends of a thermotropic liquid crystalline polymer, LCP, (4,4′-dicarboxy diphenyl ether modified poly(phenyl-1,4-phenylene terephthalate)) with polycarbonate and polysulfone were prepared and characterized with respect to their thermal properties, viscoelastic behavior, processability and mechanical properties. The processability of the thermoplastics was significantly improved by the addition of small amounts of LCP. This was also reflected by decreases in the steady shear viscosities, though the dynamic complex viscosities of the blends were generally similar or higher than those of the individual component polymers. Composite fibers were spun from the blends and the tensile moduli and strengths were consistent with a morphology of highly oriented LCP microfibrils with high aspect ratios dispersed in the thermoplastic fiber. The properties increased with increasing draw ratio.