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Algebraic Theory of Linear Viscoelastic Nematodynamics

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Fall 2008


This second part of paper develops a theory of linear viscoelastic nematodynamics applicable to LCP. The viscous and elastic nematic components in theory are described by using the LEP approach for viscous nematics and de Gennes free energy for weakly elastic nematic elastomers. The case of applied external magnetic field exemplifies the occurrence of non-symmetric stresses. In spite of multi- (10) parametric character of the theory, the use of nematic operators presents it in an elegant form. When the magnetic field is absent, the theory is simplified for symmetric case with 6 parameters, and takes an extremely simple, 2-parametric form for viscoelastic nematodynamics with possible soft deformation modes. It is shown that the linear nematodynamics is always reduced to the LEP-like equations where the coefficients are changed for linear memory functionals whose parameters are calculated from original viscosities and moduli.