Polymer Engineering Faculty Research

Failure Behavior of Filament-wound Carbon Fiber/Epoxy Composite Tubes Under Axial Compression

Erol Sancaktar, The University of Akron


The behavior of filament-wound carbon fiber/epoxy composite tubes under axial compression is not widely understood. Although experiments have been conducted on short tubes, there is still not a fundamental understanding of the response of longer tubes in compressive loading. The primary objective of this study was to determine the general strengths and dominant modes of failure in such tubes, as well as to analyze the effects of three important input variables on this behavior: Tube length, Fiber orientation, and Displacement Rate (strain rate). In particular, attention was paid to the effects of the above variables on the following: Load versus displacement response, Compressive strength, Overall compressive displacement, Modes of failure, and Extent of failure. Using the process of computer-controlled filament winding, tubes of two different lengths, and four different lay-up configurations were manufactured. They were then tested under compressive load between two converging metal platens. These tests were conducted at two different crosshead speeds (speed, at which the platens close together) to observe the effect of strain rate on the behavior of these tubes.