Polymer Engineering Faculty Research

Viscoelastic and Processing Effects on the Fiber-Matrix Interphase Strength. Part II. The Effects of Cure Temperature Time and Curing Agent Content

Erol Sancaktar, The University of Akron


The effects of curing agent content, cure temperature and time on the adhesion strength between carbon fibers (treated with epoxy sizing) and a thermosetting epoxy (Epon 815) are studied using the single fiber fragmentation test procedure. Theoretical equations describing a majority of the phenomena affecting the adhesion process are also reviewed. The possibility of superposition between percent curing agent content, cure temperature and time is illustrated based on the analytical models presented. Experimental data are presented in the form of percent relative frequency histograms for the fiber fragments in a collective fashion. Such presentation of the data allows for interpretation of the skewness in the data population. Optimum curing agent, cure temperature and time values resulting in highest interfacial strength are also determined.